Lost and Broken Stuff


Over the course of a year of production in the field, the Descending team has inadvertently had some scary and expensive “oops!” moments.  Here are some of the key items no longer with us…

1x Red One Camera

2x Red One lens mount

1x ND9 filter (dropped overboard while great white sharks circling)

1x Lens filter ring (lost to the sharks)

1x 1.2 filter (dropped on the rocks)

1x Genus Mattebox (walked the plank)

1x Polarizer filter

1x Dive mask communication unit wiring

3x Dive team masks

2x Rental trucks

1x Four-bank battery charger

1x Set of underwater lights

1x Underwater voice recorder wiring

1x GoPro camera

1x Voice recorder (flooded)

1x Voice recorder (flooded… again)

1x Mr.Moss (office mascot beta fish)

1x Set of underwater lights (again)

1x Rental van window

5x Sanity of team working in the office

1x Desk chair

1x Red One camera hard drive bracket

1x Red One camera control button

1x Four-bank battery charger (again)

1x LCD monitor hood

2x GoPro (again)

1x All of Scott’s luggage (somewhere between YYZ and LAX)

1x Aircraft (and Scott’s face)