Episode 113: “The Underworld”

E113:  “The Underworld”

Following his accident, Scott finds the strength to dive again.  In Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait, the mission is to film as many strange creatures as they can find.  The team concludes their year-long journey on the remote island of Vanuatu to dive one of the greatest shipwrecks in the world and reflect on their underwater adventures.

Special thanks to the organizations that helped make our trip possible:

Eco Divers Manado

Vanuatu Tourism


Episode Commentary:

Ellis:  To dive on a tropical coral reef that has recently died, after over a year of discovering and becoming attached to our oceans, was a heartbreaking moment for me.  It was like attending a funeral of someone you love dearly. The reef was grey and lifeless, its contents devoid of existence.  I had never before seen anything like it.  I knew what it should have looked like; I now know how a healthy reef is meant to be.  It changed me – it altered the way I look at our oceans forever. At the end of our travels I feel as if I am a very different person who set out on this journey 14 months before. I have grown in more ways than I can put into words. Such is the beauty and magic of travel and discovery – for the most powerful discoveries always come from within.



Scott prepares for his unforgettable flight.

The sun breaks through the clouds over the Lembeh Strait

Ellis observes a coconut octopus

Ellis with banded sea snake.

Another beautiful sunset over the Lembeh Strait

One more dive in Vanuatu