Episode 112: “The Four Kings”

E112:  “The Four Kings”

In Indonesia, Scott and Ellis experience Raja Ampat – a reserve rich in beauty, diversity and culture.  Ellis befriends a local Papuan who teaches him to fish like a local and the divers have a close encounter with Giant Manta Rays.

Special thanks  Papua Diving and Kri Eco Resort for helping to make our trip possible.

Episode Commentary:

Ellis:  To share something with a truly wild creature and to sense that it too, is equally as intrigued with you, as you are with it, is incredibly emotional. For this fleeting moment a massive gap has been spanned between man and animal.  And for a mere few seconds there is very little that separates us – just two living creatures sharing the same space and going about life the best way we can.  The better we can understand the creatures that share our planet, the more we can attempt to live together in harmony.  Such as it was with the Giant Manta Rays of Raja Ampat.



Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Ellis tries on some local, home-made goggles

Ellis ascending in the blue

Scott climbing for coconuts

Ellis paddling with a new friend

Scott modelling a new shirt

Swimming with the giant manta rays