Episode 110: “The Ghosts of the Pacific”

E110:  “The Ghosts of the Pacific”

History fanatic Scott talks Ellis into diving the shark-infested waters off the coast of the Solomon Islands.  This tiny South Pacific nation played a strategic role during WWII and she still has the scars…and wrecks…to prove it.


Special thanks to the organizations that helped make our trip possible:

Tulagi Dive

Dive Gizo

Fly Solomons

Episode Commentary:

Scott:  Deep down I think I had really been waiting for this trip all year.  This one struck a particular chord with me 
having always had an interest in WWII.  I have been lucky enough to visit many landmark aviation museums 
in the past: The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Boeing 
Museum of Flight but to see these aircraft where they lay…in the waters right underneath their battlegrounds is something different altogether.  

Though the Corsair was a new achievement of depth for us, and hauntingly beautiful, being among the very first to lay eyes on that PBY Catalina is one I will never forget.  As will I never forget talking with forgotten heroes like Eroni (Aaron) who managed to save John F Kennedy and bring him to safety right under the Japanese Imperial Forces’ nose.  These are the sights and stories of this war that are being forgotten and I am proud to help tell these stories to others so they won’t drift away into obscurity. 

How many more of these amazing stories and secrets of this terrible war are still hidden and/or lost forever under the water ?

Ellis:  Diving the wrecks of the Solomon Islands was like entering through a window into a world that I could never have fully understood before.  To dive not only within the amazing relics of World War ll history, but to witness and experience first-hand the human story of courage and tragedy was extremely moving.  Diving these wrecks we were literally diving within a tomb.  Some of these graves held skeletons made of steel and some held skeletons made of men.


Ellis and Scott buy some local produce


Diving on the Corsair


Scott looking at artifacts on the Tao Maru


Ellis enjoying a race


A haunting memorial on Skull Island