Episode 108: “The Hunt for the Red Devil”

E108:  “The Hunt for the Red Devil”

Scott and Ellis are in Los Angeles to see if vibrant marine life can exist off the highly developed coast of Southern California.  After meeting up with a pair of eco-warriors, the team scours the Sea of Cortez in search of the elusive and fearsome “diablos rojos”.


Special thanks to the organizations that helped make our trip possible:

Dive Sea Bass

Truth Aquatics

California Travel and Tourism Commission

Sea Wolves Unlimited

Hotel Maya, Long Beach

Crown Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel

Shorebreak Hotel

Hollywood Helicopters

Banzai Surf School

Alaska Airlines

Baja Film Commission

Episode Commentary:

Scott:  During the filming of this episode it really hit me how much of an impact, we as humans 
have really made and still can make.  Both for better and worse.  It wasn’t so much that I walked away at the end of the trip really depressed, but rather more with a heightened sense of awareness.  I think that’s the message here, and perhaps with the show in general; not to tell people what to believe, but rather to spark conversation and thought.  The more people we have paying attention to the oceans, the better off we are.  

From a production stand point, I was a bit disappointed we had to cut one fascinating dive on a WWII Avenger that crashed off of Anacapa Is. during training in the 1940’s.  The crew of the “Vision”  were amazing at finding this wreck for us and it’s a shame it didn’t make the cut.  An extra-footage treat for the Blu-Ray version perhaps?

Ellis:  Suspended at 60 feet beneath a little wooden boat in the Sea of Cortez, we hung in the dark on the end of our 10mm stainless steel wire ropes, with 800 feet of black, murky water beneath us.  We were like wriggling worms on the end of a hook, waiting to be struck. This experience was exhilarating to say the least, as humans we are used to being at the top of the food chain. None of us knew what to expect and none of us knew what was lurking ominously beneath us.  All we knew is this is where the strange monsters lived that we had traveled all the way to Mexico to witness. We were not disappointed!


Just add water?



Garibaldi: the California state fish


Beneath the oil rig


Testing the chainmail suit