Episode 105: “The Dive God”

E105:  “The Dive God”

While island-hopping in the Caribbean, Scott and Ellis meet the ‘Dive God’.  But there is trouble in paradise as the team learns of a poisonous, invasive species that threatens these beautiful blue waters.

Special thanks to the organizations that helped make our trip possible:

Turks & Caicos Tourist Board

The Bahamas Tourist Office and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

Bimini Big Game Club

Neal Watson’s Dive Bimini

Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures

Air Turks & Caicos

Blue Water Divers

Oasis Divers

Salt Cay Divers

Manta House

Windsong Resort


Episode  Commentary:

Ellis:  I was touched and inspired to meet and dive with a man (Neal Watson) at more than 70 years of age who is still living his dream.  After a lifetime in the ocean he still has so much passion in his soul.  Seasoned divers like Neal pioneered the sport that we love today and they did it at great personal risk to themselves.  He is still out there living his dream and it just goes to show that if you have passion in your heart and air in your lungs, anything is possible!

Scott:  I admit I was reluctant at first to choose the Caribbean as a destination for the show. Initially it seemed like too obvious a choice and everything that everyone expects for a diving show.  But once we did some research, we realized there are some world class dives to be done that are still relatively unknown.  We went in unsure if we’d have enough content for one episode and came out a few weeks later with two solid shows — and there is still so much of the Caribbean for me to explore yet.  

One of the biggest challenges with the Caribbean episodes was just getting around.  It’s relatively easy to go in and out of one island from major centres in North America, but to get between the islands we wanted to see proved exceptionally difficult.  As if finding flights between the islands and scheduling them to work within our schedule wasn’t challenging enough, we then needed to make sure the aircraft were large enough to accommodate all our team’s gear.  Plus, there’s always the obvious issue with diving and flying not being a good mix.   

Thankfully in the end, it all came together and we were lucky to dive with some really amazing people, including of course, Neal Watson. This guy really impressed and inspired me.  He’s very humble, very laid back and keeps some of the greatest records in diving close to the chest until asked.

And as a closing note — although it doesn’t seem like it in the show — my foot was burnt from the fire-walk much more than I originally thought.  The salt water and neoprene booties made it really sore, and it wasn’t until a few days after that the severity of the burn became apparent.  

If you want to see just how badly burned Scott’s foot was, click here, but beware, it is a very graphic image.  Viewer discretion advised!


Scott waiting for his foot to heal.

Ellis with his barracuda friend

Diving the Sapona wreck.