Episode 103: “The Sea Less Travelled”

E103:  “The Sea Less Travelled”

The team ventures to Djibouti to swim with the world’s largest fish, but must then overcome frustrating travel challenges to get to Sudan and dive Cousteau’s Conshelf II and a WWII wreck with a deadly cargo.

Special thanks to the organizations that helped make our trip possible:

Djibouti Divers

The Don Questo Liveaboard

Ethiopian Airlines

Kempinski Palace Djibouti

Episode  Commentary:

Scott:  Our goal for the Red Sea was to visit areas that we had not been before — and were relatively unseen by outsiders, including Djibouti, Sudan and Eritrea.

All three of these countries required a tremendous amount of red tape to be resolved  before we were allowed to secure permits, visas, clearances and bring in all our camera gear.  In the end it simply wasn’t possible for us to get to Eritrea to film at that time.  To add further challenges, getting in and out of these countries means you are almost certainly going to go through Cairo at some point.  And with our infinite luck, our travel plans had us passing through Egypt during their massive revolution.  Thankfully a little perseverance and a lot of patience paid off, and I must say that Sudan, especially blew me away.  

Sudan is often portrayed in western media as a certain death trap for travellers, but proved to be one of the most inspiring places I’ve been.  The people were warm and friendly and happy to see visitors in their corner of the planet; curious about why we were there, where we were from, and what we thought of Sudan.  Sudan’s considerable political strife and negative image in the media have afforded it unbelievable dive sites you can have all to yourself for a day, if not a week! 

Ellis:  The Umbria – my favorite shipwreck of the year – warm waters, crystal clear visibility and an amazing shipwreck with a great story and an explosive cargo – what more could a diver ask for? 


Ellis shakes hands with a local in Djibouti

Scott looks at Ellis's view of Lac Assal

Ellis keeps a watchful eye on the residents while Scott examines Cousteau's old shark cage

Fun with our friends aboard the Don Questo in Sudan