Episode 102: “The Poor Knights”

E102:  “The Poor Knights”

Scott and Ellis cross New Zealand’s North Island to board a sunken cruise ship, push their limits in a cave dive, and are awestruck by the vibrant and healthy marine reserve at the Poor Knights Islands.

Special thanks to the organizations that helped make our trip possible:

Tourism New Zealand

Dive Central

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Episode  Commentary:

Scott:  We never get to show off every dive, and sadly there are a number of dives that, for one reason or another, have to be cut out in order to make time or room for the greater good of the story.  One of the dives that unfortunately found the cutting room floor was the Rainbow Warrior. The Rainbow Warrior was a Greenpeace operated ship in harbour in New Zealand.  It was ready to head off to the South Pacific where the French government (at the time) was testing nuclear weapons on deserted islands.  The French were aware of the fact that the Rainbow Warrior was set to protest and bring these actions to the media limelight and divised a secret plan to disable/sink the ship before she had the chance.  A top secret commando team placed explosives on the ship’s hull in the middle of the night when no-one was expected to be aboard.  Unfortunately a photographer/journalist was aboard and was killed in the blast, creating an international incident. The shipwreck was later towed to its current location and intentionally scuttled to create an artificial reef in Matauri Bay.  It is a somewhat fitting new life for the Rainbow Warrior whose mission was to protect the environment and is now providing a beautiful home to an immense amount of coral and fish life.  The Rainbow Warrior is a MUST dive if you are in New Zealand.  Learn more about the Rainbow Warrior here.

Ellis:  New Zealand has many hidden gems. So many astounding places and natural wonders that you wouldn’t expect.  Most of these sites can’t be seen at first glance – you have to hunt them out and work for them. Diving the 2,200 year-old sunken forest of Lake Waikaremoana was one of those places for me. I had always wanted dive to the bottom of this ghostly lake and experience this. It didn’t disappoint.


Diving on the Rainbow Warrior, New Zealand


Diving the Rainbow Warrior, New Zealand