Episode 101: “The Rest of the Map”

E101:   “The Rest of the Map”

Seasoned travellers Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis begin a new journey descending into the world beneath the waves.  They travel to New Zealand to recruit friend and fellow explorer Ellis Emmett for the adventure.  But equipment challenges and harsh weather impede the team’s first dives.

Special thanks to the organizations that helped to make our trip possible:

Tourism New Zealand

Fiordland Helicopters

Episode Commentary:

Ellis:  New Zealand has been my playground all my life. To share with others something that you are passionate about is very rewarding. To share it with close friends is even better. Two days before the crew arrived the weather and the ocean made a turn for the worse. Over the following month of filming we were plagued by bad weather and dirty water. However despite this we still managed to share some incredible experiences and see some amazing sites.

Scott:  Something that never made it to camera is the fact that I spent my 31st birthday down in Fiordland as well. It’ll be hard to top having a birthday cake, along side fresh crayfish and a case of Speights beer. Where the guys managed to wrangle up a birthday cake in the village (nay,hamlet) of Milford Sound is beyond me….but I was one happy camper.

Happy 31st birthday, Scott!