The Descending Crew


Scott Wilson, Traveller/Host

Scott is the co-founder of Echo Bay Media Inc. and the co-creator of Descending.  Born and raised in Brantford, Ontario, Scott’s considerable knowledge and calm demeanor have served him well for the better part of a decade as he travelled to the most remote and exotic destinations on the planet as host of internationally acclaimed series, Departures – a show he also co-created.  Scott’s work was recognized with a 2009 Gemini nomination for Best Host in an Information Program.  From Antarctica to North Korea, Scott approaches new places and cultures with a warmth and open-mindedness that has earned him friends and fans around the globe.  Along with being a skilled SCUBA diver, Scott is also an accomplished photographer, self-taught guitarist, and history buff.  


Ellis Emmett, Traveller/Co-Host

A proud New Zealander, Ellis epitomizes the stereotypical Kiwi by being a passionate adventurer and outdoorsman.  Ellis feels most at home when challenging himself against nature’s might – whether it’s climbing remote alpine peaks or swimming with sharks.  For more than twenty years, Ellis has been an avid diver and it shows in his comfort under the water and with the creatures that live there.  Ellis has travelled extensively, which netted him his first television hosting gig on OLN travel series Don’t Forget Your Passport.  His wanderlust is insatiable and his search for adventure never-ending, leading to more than a few harrowing spots – which he somehow always scrapes through by the skin of his teeth.  All of this adds up to endlessly entertaining stories that he is currently putting to paper in an upcoming book series.



Andre Dupuis, Director of Photography / Director

Andre is the co-founder of Echo Bay Media Inc. and the co-creator of Descending.  When Andre takes an interest in something, he pursues it relentlessly until it is perfected.  In the past ten years, he has applied his artistry to everything from commercials to independent films, bringing his unique vision to each project.  A Gemini Award-winning cinematographer for his work on his hit series Departures, Andre has honed his skills filming in over 50 countries and in almost every type of environment.  With Descending, Andre has pushed the limits of existing camera technology to capture some of the most breathtaking underwater images ever.  His passion and commitment to excellence is also evident in his pursuit to become a better diver – attaining new personal bests with each trip.


Jennifer Howe, Producer 

Hailing from Hamilton, ON Jennifer has taken on several projects for her local superstation CHCH; most prominently, she produced a special one-hour documentary for the station’s 50th Anniversary.  Jennifer’s other producing credits range from live events to documentary and children’s programming.  Her preschool series, Benjamin’s Farm, aired for several years on TVOntario and has since sold to broadcasters around the world.  Jennifer began her television career as a student reporter for Global News Toronto – telling stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things.  And, for the past 15 years, that theme has continued in every project she’s taken on.  Everyone, she’s learned, has a story to tell.  She can’t wait for viewers to meet the fascinating people on Descending.   


Jeff Wilson, Producer

Jeff spent nearly a decade in the advertising world – producing hundreds of television commercials with one of Ontario’s leading marketing agencies.  Recently, Jeff joined his brother at Echo Bay Media Inc. and has helped grow the company through several high profile corporate media projects, commercial spots, and documentary shorts.  With Descending, Jeff tackles his first full series by heading the production team.  A graduate of Queen’s University and Conestoga College, Jeff brings an eclectic skill set to the team that serves him well both in the field and at the office.  Outside of his television work, Jeff is an accomplished writer and car enthusiast; two passions that merge in his regular car review columns for an online media outlet.


Steven “The Ox” Balogh, Camera Tech    

Steven has worked with Echo Bay Media Inc. for nearly a decade as a director, camera operator, and editor.  Steven is a passionate film buff and is a graduate of the Media Arts program at Sheridan College.  Why the nickname “The Ox”?  Descending is a technically complex series to film.  Steven is responsible for the assembly and maintenance of the Gates underwater camera housing, along with all second camera filming.  Having trained and worked with Andre for many years, Steven’s shooting style blends seamlessly with his.  He’s called ‘The Ox’ not for his size or his strength, but rather for his tireless work ethic and commitment to ‘getting the shot’.



Anna Brenzinger, Underwater Lighting

Anna was born and raised in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.  It’s also where she learned to SCUBA dive.  Ever since her first dive in the frigid waters of Whytecliff Park, diving and exploring the underwater world has become her passion.  On the Descending production team, Anna serves as dive buddy and underwater lighting assist to DOP Andre Dupuis.  Prior to working on the series, Anna split her time between New York City and Vancouver working as a model.  It was through that experience that she developed a love for photography and design.  Anna captured many of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stills of the Descending team in action.


Mark Sampson, Field Producer/Production Manager 

Mark graduated from the Journalism and Communications program at Mohawk College in 2002.  He quickly found himself immersed in the production team for OLN travel series, Departures.  Mark was then asked by long-time friends Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis to be the production manager for their new series, Descending.  The international scope and complex logistics of the show have truly put Mark’s organizational skills and exceptional travel know-how to the test.  Film permits, plane tickets, visas, accommodations, dive charters…you name it, he can arrange it.  When not calling tourist boards on the other side of the world, Mark practices hot yoga, works on his car, and trainspots.

Stephen Strangways, Technical Supervisor

Jordan Krug, Senior Editor

Ben Manthorpe, Editor

Alvin Campana, Editor

Kathryn Dickson, Editor

Zach Cowley, Assistant Editor

Aaron Pozzer, Visual Effects

Scott Martin, VFX Assist

Sandeep Bhandari, Music Supervisor

Steve Barden, M.P.S.E., Sound Design

Tyler Whitham, Sound Editor

Ryan Ongaro, Post Audio Assist

 Ryan Edwardson, Ph.D, Researcher