Ellis Emmett

Position:  Traveller


When did you learn to scuba dive?

Age 16

How many dives have you done? 

I’m closing in on 1000 now.

What is your favourite dive spot in the world and why?

The world is an amazing playground – to pick just one is impossible for me.

What dive spot do you hope to get to one day and why?  

Mexico – to dive the Cenotes.  They look out of this world.

What have you learned about our oceans and waterways working on this show?

The oceans need our attention and help. There are many ways in which our oceans have and are being affected directly and indirectly by human activity. If we don’t start taking more notice and treating the situation more seriously then the following generations are going to pay dearly.

What do you hope people will get from our show? 

I want people to be inspired, educated and enlightened, with hopefully a laugh or two along the way.

What’s your favourite underwater creature and why?   

I have experienced so many amazing creatures while diving; it is hard to pick one favourite.  If I had to choose just one, it would have to be the great white shark.  Seeing it leap metres out of the water, mouth gaping and jaws exposed in an explosion of spray…  there’s only one word to describe it:  Wow!