Andre Dupuis


Position:  Director of Photography


When did you learn to scuba dive?
Scott and I did a trial dive in Brazil in 2008, but I got my first certification in 2009.

 How many dives have you done?

 What is your favourite dive spot in the world and why? 
Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.  Imagine sitting down and doodling a creature from your deepest imagination and you’ll probably find it there.

 What dive spot do you hope to get to one day and why?
I’d love to do a deep dive to 400 ft on a rebreather in Indonesia to search for new species –someplace that no other human has been.

 What have you learned about our oceans and waterways working on this show?
I’ve learned that we have so much more to see and learn about our oceans.  Man’s footprint can be found everywhere, and we’re destroying species before we even discover them.

 What do you hope people will get from our show?
I hope viewers will be inspired to strap on a tank and go and see some of the most amazing places on our planet.  Hopefully as more people experience and understand our waterways, we’ll be able to make better decisions for the future.

 What’s your favourite underwater creature and why?
Giant Pacific Octopus – they can change colour, shape, texture and can fit into any area barely larger than their beak. Plus they’re intelligent and shy, yet really, really curious.  It’s such a cool experience to have a creature take an interest in you as much as you have in them.